Our family has been playing & making Bean Bag boxes for over 50 years
We started in the Chicago Illinois area Many, Many years ago. (1950s)
We just called it "Bags" Then it was "Bean Bags" then someone called it "Cornhole" and now we are stuck with that name!
I still call it Bags!!!
Now someone made up a Cornhole League or an ACA or ACO or NCA or UCA or whatever they want to call themselves.
it is great that someone is taking it seriously. We played a lot in Chicago
and when I moved to Michigan in 1982 no one knew what it was.
It started getting popular around here (Michigan) about 2005 ish.

This game is and has always been about getting together and having fun!

Don't believe everything you hear or see on the internet. The game was and still is played for FUN!

This is how it was done...

Boxes were 24" x 48" with the hole 12" down from the top and 12" from each side. (Someone changed it to 9" down)
So what, it is still a Game, Enjoy it!
And the front was 4" high and the back was 12" high (And it still is :) Something didn't change :)
The bags were 6" x 6" filled with Popcorn and were made out of Old blue jeans. weighing about 1lb (16oz)
They are still the same size but people make them out of Duck Cloth now.
OK, I can see that, but they don't last as long as old blue jeans.

The coming of the Cornhole game
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We also RENT Cornhole Boxes with Bags
for your Family Parties, Graduations, BBQs
or just because you want to play!
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Our family has been building boxes & making bags for
neighborhood & family parties since the 70s

Everyone always came to us,
So now we are selling the same great quality to you.
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